Tinkle Tinkle Little Star

Baigan Bhai got lost in the bazaars of charminar. Hopefully he will find his way back soon in a week’s time.


Once upon a Tinkle, in a time far far away there lived five characters (if you consider the twins as one) we all loved and no one could take them away. They were witty, they were stupid and a few were cunning too. Suppandi, Shambu, Kalia, Tantri were their names and oh ya, Ramu and Shamu were a part of it too. Poor Butterfingers and Pyarelal could never charm us as these guys did.

Here’s reminiscing our favourite characters from Tinkle

1. Suppandi




2. Ramu and Shamu



3. Shikari Shambu



4. Kalia the Crow



5. Tantri the Mantri


The poor clarity of the photos is intentional. They are for the purpose of nostalgia only. What you need to do is go dig through your old comics, dust them and devote fifteen minutes of your time to browse through them.


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