To think, to question and to wonder!

Travelling home from Attapur at 11:30 in the night sure shows you how excited the city is for Bakrid. Goats, goats everywhere; tents pitched up to shelter these goats; families, all crushed into a small car, coming to buy these goats; thin goats, fat goats, lean goats and limp goats all being pampered and well- fed only to be butchered on the sacred day. No no, this isn’t a stop-butchering-animals article. This is just food for thought.

All of us know the story behind Bakrid. For those who don’t: Bakrid is celebrated to commemorate Hazrat Ibrahim’s greatest test of obedience towards Allah. Allah appears in his dreams asking him to sacrifice his most precious thing. He consults his wife and together they decide to sacrifice their only son, Hazrat Ismail. They approach the little boy for his consent, and the little boy being the little boy he is, innocently agrees for the sake of Allah. Hazrat Ibrahim, all ready to sacrifice his son at the gallows, lowers the knife on his son’s throat when *VOILA* his son turns into a sheep or rather, his son vanishes and is replaced by a sheep. Hazrat Ibrahim had passed Allah’s test! There is a similar story in Indian mythology about Raja Satya Harishchandra (the name says it all!). He sacrifices everything for the sake of truth and as he almost sacrifices his beloved wife, the wound on her throat turns into a garland. Why, you ask? Because the gods were testing his honesty. Funny how his wife didn’t turn into an animal, though.

Now if I may ask you mortals to use your brains and answer this- How much of it is true? It’s ironic to ask that about the “Truth King” but, how much of it would a layman like you and I, believe? If god (given you believe he exists) puts you through similar tests, would you do it or would you think of yourself as deluded? And what about the little boy? Was he being selfless or was his innocent mind too immature to comprehend the weight of the situation? And WHY replace him with an animal? Why REPLACE him in the first place? Think, comment and let us know.


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