Convenient Cosplay Costumes!

Hey the day we’ve all been waiting for with bated breadth and dried paint is here.

Comic Con Hyderabad 2014!

Now all you kids in the block dressing up as onions, pumpkins and kids and tiny things, Hey this aint no fancy dress competition in your primary school. So make a train and go back chuk-chuku-chuku to your room. Dress up as BaiganBhai and you get your return ticket. Having troubles with choosing a Cosplay? Well don’t decide to come as Thomas the train just yet. Let me help you out
(All you little shits showing up half naked with laddoos in their hands will be beaten to the ground to prove the cartoon wrong)

Convenient Cosplay Idea 1: Jackie Chan


Are you an asian kid? Are your eyes not big enough for your character? Do you crash into everything while driving and drive into everything while crashing? Is it yellow from the other side? Well, we have just the cosplay idea for you. Jackie Chan! Hiyaaa. Or anyother asian man would be perfect. Damn y’all look alike. But don’t try any Anime characters. I mean just compare your eyes. Way to go for fantasy but that’s a big Nope for me.

Convenient Cosplay Idea 2: Suppandi



I noticed you are bald. Hey hey don’t wear a cap. Come on. We realized the area inside your head is also pretty empty. So is our character’s. So amuse us with your Suppandi’s jests and japes.
Combo: If you’re asian and bald. Go Krillin!


Convenient Cosplay Idea 3: Shikari Shambu

shikari shambu
Have you got the swag mustache and a hat to cover half your face? Do you stalk your close ones for other stalkers? Well this tinkle legend is just the one for you.

Convenient Cosplay idea 4: Kalia the Crow


For all you brothers out there. We don’t need no surgeries done. We be proud of our own colour. Let’s embrace it. Caw caw caw!

Convenient Cosplay idea 5: Khal Drogo & Khaleesi

khal and khaleesi
All the couples in the house! Its time to spread the luuurve. The sun and moon and stars will illuminate comic con. Well unless you’re a Pluto like Ser Jorah da Friendzone, you have the option of showing up alone. We are here to give you a moment of silence.

Convenient Cosplay idea 6: Dynamic Duos

cosplay-pulp-fiction-jules-winnfield-and-vincent-vega-021 spongebobhk2-1
The dynamic duos who can say everything in sync have a long list of options for them!
Spongebob & Patrick/ only Squidward
Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction
Harold and Kumar
Drake and Josh

Convenient Cosplay idea 7: Dexter

No worries for the nerds. You can geek out in the convention and keep a check on all the

Convenient Cosplay idea 8: Hannah Montana/Miley cyrus

This one’s by far the scariest of all but yet equally fun to pull of. Cus you get best of both cosplays. Break into the convention like a wrecking ball.

Convenient Cosplay idea 9: Shaktimaan

How can we not have a list without this dude? Superman is too mainstream and boring we know. But shaktimaan. Ohhh yeah. The right amount of tackiness.

Convenient Cosplay idea 10: Ash Ketchum/Gary Oak

ash_ketchum_cosplay_by_kawaiikenluv-d41qmoo   gary01

Do you cosplay all the pokemon or do you catch em all? The latter ofcourse. And please the day Ash will catch em all is never coming. By the end of the show Ash will have given all his pokemon expect ofcourse his beloved partner pikachu. But gary on the other hand. He’s the chick magnet. See how that works for you!

If even this is not enough try out our characters for Comic Con! Have a comical weekend!


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