Game Of Emotions

All you GoT fans might have taken tons of quizzes to find out which character you would be in the world of westeros. I’m here to tell you that you are none of them except one. Yep. Theon. You are a hot blooded, impulsive and confused (ex)man whose childish acts to gain respect from his family have lead you to being constantly tormented by the devil himself George R.R….Ramsay! I meant Ramsay.  The effect this show has on its viewers is quite a matter of discussion. Like how it justified falling in love with a mass murdering barbaric rapist(Drogo) or made us root for an incestuous, self righteous prick who pushes children out of the window(Jaime). Game of thrones successfully breaks the cliche framework of the good and bad characters, making the story the hero of the show. But after season five, we have realized that even the story cannot be trusted.

Usually each season is balanced with equal amounts of mind scarring, castrating and cringe worthy moments and slow clapping, loud hooting and binge worthy ones. But this time around they might have tipped off the scales with the cringeworthy moments. After five seasons of being virtually stabbed in the heart and groins, we sort of foresee the storm coming. This is the most dangerous mind state to watch GoT in. Its like being the weather forecast right before a blizzard. And what happened to the most loved weather forecast in Westeros? Dead before death.(Valar Starkgholis. All Starks Must Die. Or blinded Or raped by George R.. Ramsay! I meant Ramsay.)

This is when you see through the show’s play of emotions. Giving our favourite characters their best moments on the show to date just to stab them multiple times in the end. All the edge of the seat viewing fun become cheap thrills. You turn so numb that you don’t notice the ‘good’ moments intended to soften the wound but the character deaths still cut through deep. But don’t get me wrong, this play of emotions works both ways. Sometimes they give us the redemption our characters deserve but delay it so much that we don’t quite acknowledge it.

But what good is all this introspection if we know that we can’t break our love hate relationship with  Ramsay. Sorry I meant George..WITH THE SHOW. I MEANT THE SHOW. Its foolish to think we can avoid this when the next season comes. GoT is a leach sucking out our freetime. A leach we grow to love. Yeah sure, we’ll end up pale and mentally raped, but its got the best tits on showbiz! *cough* Cersei’s body double *cough*. So all we can do is be blissfully ignorant of this game of emotions and be happy with the boobies and do our time with Rapesay when master commands so. Because, on this show Theon might grow a pair to bungee jump without a rope, but you will always be Reek. Scarred. Trapped. Ball-less. Reek… Reek… Reek…


Aaanyway, See you next season! I’m rooting for the white walkers now! Who’s with me? night's king


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