Take a stand- against his fat ego.

I had just stepped out of the theatre after watching ‘Talvar’. I was angry, disappointed and perplexed like every other person in the room. I proceeded to collect my bag from the baggage counter when a Fat Man in Blue Shirt screaming obscenities climbed up the stairs dragging a security guard by his collar. Fat Man in Blue Shirt pulled the guard till the middle of the mall and as a crowd gathered, he SLAPPED him, dragged him down the stairs again and took him outside the mall. On asking people around, I found out that Fat Man in Blue Shirt was related to the owner of the mall. The security guard asked him to follow the security procedure and tried checking him which highly offended Fat Man’s Fat EGO, which was why Fat Man went Hulk Mode on the poor security guard who was just trying to do his duty.

Now my question is, dear Mr Fat Man, were you wearing a tag, holding a placard or sporting a tattoo that read- ‘Owner’s Kin’? If no, then how did you expect that innocent boy to recognize your affiliations with his employer and save you a few extra seconds by granting you an entry minus the security check?

Sometimes people like Fat Man in Blue Shirt restore my absolute faith in the theory of ‘The Lost Case Called Humanity’. Why were the security guards appointed if they had to do selective checking of the visitors in the first place? Also, what was the urgency because of which Fat Man couldn’t afford to step up on the security pedestal for two seconds? None! For him, the role of a man in a security guard’s uniform was solely to salute the inflating ego in his head, not to swipe the metal detector over his body.

The whole incident was just a vivid display of power and ego.Till the time we continue undermining dignity of labour and go around displaying power in a callous manner, our country will continue being a sad sad sad place to live in. I wrote this today not to tell you about the kind of assholes I encounter everyday, but as a redemption for not being bold enough to go slap back Fat Man the moment he slapped the guard for doing his job. This is my last sentence and you are reading it either out of curiosity or because you are genuinely interested in getting rid of people like Fat Man in Blue Shirt from our society, so all I am going to ask you to do the next time you come across them is Take A Stand, do not stand and stare.



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