Why not die? ~Q


Why are we alive? Why do we toil among the millions around the world, all searching for the same things, all looking for love, beauty and success? Surely it’s not because we have to, we’re all blessed with the ability to die if we ever choose to do so. So perhaps the question isn’t why we live but rather why we don’t die. Why don’t we die when every single day, there are a hundred reasons to do so? Here’s why I think so. Because the human race is one not simply meant for progression and meaningful pursuits, but in converting the meaningless to the most beautiful things in all existence. We have all felt vulnerable and even broken down, and no matter how long the day lasts sometimes all that we truly want is to force the words in our heads through those resisting fingers to the writing that we hope could possibly define us. We are members of the human race, because we feel. Because of passion. Continue reading


A letter for the captain, Mr Keating.


Dear Mr Keating,

Happy Teachers Day.
You have made such an invaluable contribution to the lives of many including me, that words will forever fail to express the amount of gratitude we feel for you. But nevertheless, on this occasion of Teachers Day I shall try my best to convey my love and admiration for you.  Continue reading

HORLICKS WIZKIDS 2014- Hyderabad

cleo photo
Yes we know, we know. We all are spellbound by the performances at Horlicks Wizkids too. But lets shift the spotlight to the crowd now, shall we?
Hyderabadis are known for their indomitable energy and this year on the 22nd of July, the Satya Sai Nigamam reverberated with the chants of the students and the drum beats. Kids showed up at the venue by 5:30 to reserve seats for their respective schools, afterall the ban on Hyderabad Public School was lifted this year and there were rumours about Army Public School showing up with three buses.

Continue reading

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron


As in all of humanity, being bored is the first step towards a grand, exciting movie discovery. And who else can be more bored than a college student, in college, during summer vacations. So as I lamented and prayed the sun god to go to sleep, I came across this movie from the ’80s called Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro. Today, I am going to review this movie for the Baigan Chronicles as Tony Shark  is a good friend. Continue reading