Ice Bucket Challenge- But what is ALS?

So a few days ago when I logged into facebook, I saw that my newsfeed was full of videos of people doing the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”, nominating people etc. Since none of those posts failed to provide me with any information about what the hell ALS was all about I googled it.

ALS stands for Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease, the neurons controlling the working of voluntary muscles degenerates leading to hardening of muscles. Read more at
So what does this Ice Bucket Challenge have anything to do with spreading awareness about ALS? When somebody pours a bucket of ice over them they experience numbness throughout their body which is exactly how an ALS patient suffers, except for most of his life! This trend was started by an American golfer Chris Kennedy who’s friend suffered with ALS, he poured a bucket of ice water on himself, posted the video on a social networking site and challenged three other people to do it and this spread like wildfire! If you’re nominated and fail to complete the challenge within 24 hours you’re supposed to donate money to the ALS organization or both. Many celebrities have accepted this challenge and in the past few weeks the organization has raised over $41.8 million in the past few weeks. About 1.2 million people have posted videos on various social networking sites to spread awareness. Many celebrities like George Bush, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Charlie Sheen and our very own Daler Mehindi, Sonakshi Sinha have taken up the challenge and donated to the organization.

So guys, irrespective of whether you’ve been nominated or not please do donate to this genuine cause at


Most loved animal characters of all times!

From Toto in Wizard of Oz to Richard Parker from Life of Pi animals leave an impact on your souls. Over the years the role of animals in movies has evolved. Even those these creature don’t really have much to say these lovable things make a place for themselves in our hearts. Here’s a list of a few animal characters which will stay in our memories forever.

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Ridiculous Bollywood songs that we just can’t ignore


Everybody loves Bollywood music. EVERYBODY. Bollywood music can make anyone dance even if you can’t dance. Irrespective of how posh and sophisticated you might be peppy bollywood music will make you want to loose all and dance away. From Daler Mehendi’s “Bolo Tarara” to Akon’s “Chammak Challo”, you just can’t help but sing and dance along. But let’s face it the most popular sort of Bollywood music doesn’t actually make some sense, But this is Bollywood my dear baigans anything can happen!

Here’s a list of some immensely popular songs we just can’t ignore, “Kyunki dil hai Hindustani”!!

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The Hunger Games Trilogy


Hunger Games Trilogy

Genre- Science Fiction

Author-Suzzane Collins


The Hunger Games trilogy is set in post apocalyptic dystopian future in the nation of Panem set in North America. Panem is ruled by an authoritative, tyrannical dictatorship led by President Snow in the Capitol. The most rich and powerful people of Panem live in the Capitol which lies in the center of the nation. It is surrounded by 12 districts Continue reading

Boy Bands Of All Times

They rule the hearts of millions of teens all over the world. They are adorable, melodious and not to forget, all over the internet. Here we present to you the evolution of boy bands

The 1950’s marked the birth of boy bands, who still continue to woo the women of all ages.

1. The Teenagers


Five talented teens come together to form one of the earliest boy bands. Grabbed attention by producing music with their “doo wop” style, they are The Teenagers (approach granny for more information).
Biggest hit – Why do fools fall in love?
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