To think, to question and to wonder!

Travelling home from Attapur at 11:30 in the night sure shows you how excited the city is for Bakrid. Goats, goats everywhere; tents pitched up to shelter these goats; families, all crushed into a small car, coming to buy these goats; thin goats, fat goats, lean goats and limp goats all being pampered and well- fed only to be butchered on the sacred day. No no, this isn’t a stop-butchering-animals article. This is just food for thought.
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Oh Georgie!

Most people have heard the tale about how the royal colour came to be purple because of the defecation problems of George the III.

Now here’s a classic movie, which journeys further into that tale while entertaining you to the highest point. ‘The Madness of King George’ is definitely the kind of movie which will tickle you on a lazy afternoon (and also might lead you to make a run for the tissues, mind it).
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