Love few? Love all.

A dog is a man’s best friend.
Oh wait, my bad. A Dalmation, a Pug and a Labrador is a man’s best friend.

Sereli, a stray dog in our colony gave birth to three puppies. My sister and I named them Pedro, Pogo and Drogo. We made tiny, cozy beds for them in cardboard boxes, got them home everyday, fed them, at times bathed them, powdered them and put them to sleep, returned them to their mother every evening.

Life was good. We had made plans to adopt Pedro as soon as our exams got over. But one morning the watchman told us that he was run over by a car. That day my sister, my mother and I huddled together in a room and cried our hearts out. Dad watched us. Immediately the next day one of my neighbors took the remaining two puppies to Blue cross (an animal shelter and rescue organization in Hyderabad) for adoption. Sereli howled all night in front of their house. One could hear the pain in her whines, she relentlessly cried for her puppies and my neighbor was forced to get them back. Pogo and Drogo were back!

But Drogo was found lying dead in a few days. Ever since then Pogo, the last survivor puppy became the entire colony’s unsaid responsibility. The duty to feed the puppy and his mom were were distributed among the families, every night some uncles tied a rope to Pogo’s leg so that he wouldn’t stray out on the road. Meanwhile my sister and I continued to bring him home and brush his fur, feed him in the new dog food bowl that mom bought especially for him. He became our community dog and in a way brought all the neighbors together. But another reckless driver on another unfortunate night killed Pogo who had grown three months old by then.

That was when my sister went to Blue cross along with my father and got Tony Shark home on 12th April 2015. Tony was a puny, brown and black puppy with a patch of white fur on his forehead. We realized the next day that he was suffering from diarrhea. When we consulted the vet at Blue cross, he suggested us to choose another puppy and leave Tony behind. But how could you abandon someone just because he was sick? It was a moment of impulsive self righteousness that made us keep him. After many visits to the vet, many IV fluids and lots of force feeding of medicines, Tony was back in good health!


He grew up to be an extremely smart, pampered and devious dog. He stole boxes of brownies, bottles of peanut butter and even packets of Kaccha Mango Bites. Dad took him out for walks every morning, mom played fetch with him every evening, I let him sleep next to me on my bed.

The first time I experienced breed based discrimination was when we took Tony to the Dog Park in Necklace Road. Before we could enter the place a young boy commented “Dekho jungli kutta”. Had I not been sensitized to accommodate bad behavior due to social conditioning I would have slapped the kid that day. Another time, an old lady in our neighborhood spat in front of Tony when dad took him out for his morning walk. Dad was too polite to slap foolish old ladies. My uncle couldn’t stop himself from commenting on the cons of raising a mongrel in a house (all in good faith ofcourse).
Little did my family and I think about all these things that our so called human society would shove our way the moment we adopted a cute puppy who didn’t boast of any breed.

Everyday, thousands of mongrel puppies get run over by cars, die of hunger or get killed in dog pounds. You love dogs, or do you love only “some” dogs? No offense to everyone out their raising breed dogs, I know it is a difficult choice to make unless there is a stimulus, which in my case was the deaths of Pedro, Drogo and Pogo. 
But do think about this, when there are a million puppies struggling for life, is it really necessary to buy a select few because of their coat, size or ears? Afterall, you need a friend not a showpiece. 

P.S: Even though Tony has faced a good amount of discrimination for wearing a collar despite being a mongrel, he has also received double the love. My grandparents, Deip, Lavanya, Lorry, Rohith, Aditya and all my college friends, the milkman, the maid, the E-kart delivery boys, Dr. Gangadhar and Sereli and her friends have been especially nice to Tony.






Take a stand- against his fat ego.

I had just stepped out of the theatre after watching ‘Talvar’. I was angry, disappointed and perplexed like every other person in the room. I proceeded to collect my bag from the baggage counter when a Fat Man in Blue Shirt screaming obscenities climbed up the stairs dragging a security guard by his collar. Fat Man in Blue Shirt pulled the guard till the middle of the mall and as a crowd gathered, he SLAPPED him, dragged him down the stairs again and took him outside the mall. On asking people around, I found out that Fat Man in Blue Shirt was related to the owner of the mall. The security guard asked him to follow the security procedure and tried checking him which highly offended Fat Man’s Fat EGO, which was why Fat Man went Hulk Mode on the poor security guard who was just trying to do his duty.

Now my question is, dear Mr Fat Man, were you wearing a tag, holding a placard or sporting a tattoo that read- ‘Owner’s Kin’? If no, then how did you expect that innocent boy to recognize your affiliations with his employer and save you a few extra seconds by granting you an entry minus the security check?

Sometimes people like Fat Man in Blue Shirt restore my absolute faith in the theory of ‘The Lost Case Called Humanity’. Why were the security guards appointed if they had to do selective checking of the visitors in the first place? Also, what was the urgency because of which Fat Man couldn’t afford to step up on the security pedestal for two seconds? None! For him, the role of a man in a security guard’s uniform was solely to salute the inflating ego in his head, not to swipe the metal detector over his body.

The whole incident was just a vivid display of power and ego.Till the time we continue undermining dignity of labour and go around displaying power in a callous manner, our country will continue being a sad sad sad place to live in. I wrote this today not to tell you about the kind of assholes I encounter everyday, but as a redemption for not being bold enough to go slap back Fat Man the moment he slapped the guard for doing his job. This is my last sentence and you are reading it either out of curiosity or because you are genuinely interested in getting rid of people like Fat Man in Blue Shirt from our society, so all I am going to ask you to do the next time you come across them is Take A Stand, do not stand and stare.


A Spanish Roadtrip

Today was my first day of college and after a never ending orientation session I find myself here in my college library blogging after ages. The past few months were too eventful to blog about. I conducted a campaign against Child Sexual Abuse, wrote my board exams, appeared for college entrances and visited quite a few places in and outside Hyderabad. But the purpose of my reappearance here is the recent holiday to Spain.


After a torturous month of anticipation and disappointment over my board results, Spain was a breath of fresh air. Here goes a detailed account of the entire trip, after reading this, you guys better toss those guided tour tickets of Europe out of the window.

Day 1: Bangalore- Doha- Barcelona

After straining our necks in different angles for over ten hours in two different flights, we stepped into the Barcelona airport. Sultan Sir (the guy behind Horlicks Wizkids) went ahead to rent a car for our upcoming road trip at the SixT counter and managed to get our pre booked Mercedes E 200 upgraded to a Mercedes E 220 sports edition. The car was christened “Black Beauty”  and thus we commenced our road trip from the basement of the Barcelona airport to Valencia, a city that effortlessly blends modern architecture with the charms of the Renaissance period. Roads in Spain are extremely difficult to navigate, but our GPS Maria ensured that we reached our hotel within five hours. The drive from Barcelona to Valencia was interrupted by numerous toll booths. But it was worth all the toll tickets as we drove on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and drove into sophisticated tunnels cutting through the heart of the hills time and again.



Black Beauty

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The ruling heard across the rainbow, and why it’s pivotal to our nation.


As it has come to most of our notice, partially thanks to the rainbow-filled timelines on facebook, the Supreme Court of the United States of America has ruled that Same-Sex marriage is a legality and a right, throughout all 50 states of the country. This historic decision is a culmination of more than a decade’s worth of struggle and hardwork, and we here at Baigan Chronicles are jubilant over this ruling! However, context is important and there are many hurdles that still persist not only in our country, but also in the United States of America, that must be crossed on the path that is ushering our species through the modern-era, and we must acknowledge these roadblocks and get through them.

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Game Of Emotions

All you GoT fans might have taken tons of quizzes to find out which character you would be in the world of westeros. I’m here to tell you that you are none of them except one. Yep. Theon. You are a hot blooded, impulsive and confused (ex)man whose childish acts to gain respect from his family have lead you to being constantly tormented by the devil himself George R.R….Ramsay! I meant Ramsay. Continue reading

Convenient Cosplay Costumes!

Hey the day we’ve all been waiting for with bated breadth and dried paint is here.

Comic Con Hyderabad 2014!

Now all you kids in the block dressing up as onions, pumpkins and kids and tiny things, Hey this aint no fancy dress competition in your primary school. So make a train and go back chuk-chuku-chuku to your room. Dress up as BaiganBhai and you get your return ticket. Having troubles with choosing a Cosplay? Well don’t decide to come as Thomas the train just yet. Let me help you out
(All you little shits showing up half naked with laddoos in their hands will be beaten to the ground to prove the cartoon wrong)

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To think, to question and to wonder!

Travelling home from Attapur at 11:30 in the night sure shows you how excited the city is for Bakrid. Goats, goats everywhere; tents pitched up to shelter these goats; families, all crushed into a small car, coming to buy these goats; thin goats, fat goats, lean goats and limp goats all being pampered and well- fed only to be butchered on the sacred day. No no, this isn’t a stop-butchering-animals article. This is just food for thought.
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