90’s Hyderabadi Feels Trip!

Remember those days when you woke up early in the morning in your favourite superhero costume to catch the repeat of the previous day’s Dragon Ball Z episode while you gobbled up cornflakes and went on your hero cycle to

*Rings cycle bell to grumpy watchman who peevishly opens the gate*

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What’s REALLY on your mind?



Unfortunately, I had been suffering from a horrible condition of Writers Block coupled with a severe case of DoesNotGiveABaiganSyndrome. Recent reports had suggested that my illness was in its worst stage. I was losing my patients. I feared my end was near. So I did what any sane doctor would have …

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Ice Bucket Challenge- But what is ALS?

So a few days ago when I logged into facebook, I saw that my newsfeed was full of videos of people doing the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”, nominating people etc. Since none of those posts failed to provide me with any information about what the hell ALS was all about I googled it.

ALS stands for Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease, the neurons controlling the working of voluntary muscles degenerates leading to hardening of muscles. Read more at www.als.org
So what does this Ice Bucket Challenge have anything to do with spreading awareness about ALS? When somebody pours a bucket of ice over them they experience numbness throughout their body which is exactly how an ALS patient suffers, except for most of his life! This trend was started by an American golfer Chris Kennedy who’s friend suffered with ALS, he poured a bucket of ice water on himself, posted the video on a social networking site and challenged three other people to do it and this spread like wildfire! If you’re nominated and fail to complete the challenge within 24 hours you’re supposed to donate money to the ALS organization or both. Many celebrities have accepted this challenge and in the past few weeks the organization has raised over $41.8 million in the past few weeks. About 1.2 million people have posted videos on various social networking sites to spread awareness. Many celebrities like George Bush, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Charlie Sheen and our very own Daler Mehindi, Sonakshi Sinha have taken up the challenge and donated to the organization.

So guys, irrespective of whether you’ve been nominated or not please do donate to this genuine cause at www.alsa.org/donate/

Jo Saiyya Nahi Wo Bhaiyya


10592800_677927008958845_7395136762734095380_n (Cartoon created by- India-Lots of people, Lots of fun)

Pyaare Bhainan,

Tumarko sabku rakshabandhan ki bohot badhaiyaan

Aaj tumarko woh poore janam janam ki khairiyat dekhne ke bisketaan nakko merko!
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I think most of us perceived our dense Forrest as a splashing Magicarp with an IQ of a negative eleventy thousands.
TING! Wrong answer.
So to all of you double degree holders, noble prize winners, rubik’s cube solvers, grammar nazis(yah, i do knot care if it iz nobel orr noble) & rocket scientists, here are 5 satisfactory reasons as to why Forrest Gump is smarter than all of us.

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HORLICKS WIZKIDS 2014- Hyderabad

cleo photo
Yes we know, we know. We all are spellbound by the performances at Horlicks Wizkids too. But lets shift the spotlight to the crowd now, shall we?
Hyderabadis are known for their indomitable energy and this year on the 22nd of July, the Satya Sai Nigamam reverberated with the chants of the students and the drum beats. Kids showed up at the venue by 5:30 to reserve seats for their respective schools, afterall the ban on Hyderabad Public School was lifted this year and there were rumours about Army Public School showing up with three buses.

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