Convenient Cosplay Costumes!

Hey the day we’ve all been waiting for with bated breadth and dried paint is here.

Comic Con Hyderabad 2014!

Now all you kids in the block dressing up as onions, pumpkins and kids and tiny things, Hey this aint no fancy dress competition in your primary school. So make a train and go back chuk-chuku-chuku to your room. Dress up as BaiganBhai and you get your return ticket. Having troubles with choosing a Cosplay? Well don’t decide to come as Thomas the train just yet. Let me help you out
(All you little shits showing up half naked with laddoos in their hands will be beaten to the ground to prove the cartoon wrong)

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Tinkle Tinkle Little Star

Baigan Bhai got lost in the bazaars of charminar. Hopefully he will find his way back soon in a week’s time.


Once upon a Tinkle, in a time far far away there lived five characters (if you consider the twins as one) we all loved and no one could take them away. They were witty, they were stupid and a few were cunning too. Suppandi, Shambu, Kalia, Tantri were their names and oh ya, Ramu and Shamu were a part of it too. Poor Butterfingers and Pyarelal could never charm us as these guys did.

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