Calvin and Hobbes Revisited



Another dreary Monday afternoon. Thanks to the sublime decision making skills and timeliness of the power board, the electricity has put on an invisibility cloak while I desperately try to get some cool air to flow within the room. My eyes fall upon one of my old book shelves. Its mostly empty now bar a couple of leftover novels that I was too lazy to put back, and a mix of random quiz books and encyclopedias that every typical Indian parent shoves down their child’s throat. I decide to clear the bookshelf and try and do something productive to distinguish myself from a polar bear hibernating in the winter. Little did I know that I was going to be met with a surprise. Continue reading


Archie’s Death


Archie Andrews, the well-mannered, generous yet clumsy boy the world has loved since 1941, is going to die. On April 9th 2014, Archie Comics had announced that the adult Archie would be killed in the #36 edition of Life with Archie whilst trying to save the life of a friend. Though the teenage Archie will continue in the other Archie comic series titles, will it ever be the same knowing that our favorite comic character has perished? Continue reading