Inside Out- are you in-charge of your life?

What if our behaviour was solely determined by the presence of a complex organisation of emotions who held the remote to our actions, reactions and feelings working inside our heads? What if in reality we were not the masters of our own lives?


That is exactly what ‘Inside Out’, yet another creation of the director of ‘Up’ and Pixar tried to explore. To visualize a  concept as complex as the realms of the subconscious mind through the medium of animation is almost an unimaginable task, but like every other time Pixar did manage to bring new heights to the whole art of making animated movies for all age groups. I remember the excitement on my dad’s face the first time Up came on the television, and even this time when I went to watch Inside Out, an old couple was sitting beside me and I could see them thoroughly enjoying the film.

So I won’t be writing a regular review of the movie with a summarized story and a ‘go watch to find out what happens next’ ending. I will just try and dwell upon some scenes that struck me the most. Continue reading


Oh Georgie!

Most people have heard the tale about how the royal colour came to be purple because of the defecation problems of George the III.

Now here’s a classic movie, which journeys further into that tale while entertaining you to the highest point. ‘The Madness of King George’ is definitely the kind of movie which will tickle you on a lazy afternoon (and also might lead you to make a run for the tissues, mind it).
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Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron


As in all of humanity, being bored is the first step towards a grand, exciting movie discovery. And who else can be more bored than a college student, in college, during summer vacations. So as I lamented and prayed the sun god to go to sleep, I came across this movie from the ’80s called Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro. Today, I am going to review this movie for the Baigan Chronicles as Tony Shark  is a good friend. Continue reading

The Fault In Our Stars (Guest movie review)



After sitting in a theatre full of excited teenage girls clutching bright blue books to their chest I’ve come up with one conclusion.
Though the drama and the love story and every painstaking metaphor has left me in tears, there is just one lesson to be learned- Life throws infinities at you, And every one may not be what you are looking for, but it is always a part of your greater infinity. Continue reading