Bringing out the big guns

Baigans! Say hello to Skrat.

For those who don’t know them, Skrat is a three-piece alternative rock band from Chennai. It has Sriram T.T (vocals, guitars, hottie), Satish Narayanan aka Sat (bass, vocals, stud) and Tapass Naresh (drums, vocals, crazy curly hair).  Continue reading


Give Alternative Rock A Chance.Cmaan!(Guest)


One fine summer day I realized that I hadn’t changed my playlist in a while (a while being half a year). Music can get old and repetitive, no matter what you do. So that night, I went on to the one good online radio I know (it rhymes with BlueFin). I was bored with the “Pop/Top 40” station, since as hipster as I might sound right now, the music I hear out there of late is rarely any good. Everything sounds the same, with the “funky” beat and the “wub-wubs”. So I tried to give the Alternative Rock station a shot. I was always a fan of Alt. Rock, but I never listened to it at a stretch.

Boy, did I miss out on a lot.

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Honest Review: Coldplay’s Ghost Stories


About some mind scarring,magical,nocturnal and exciting adventures finely crafted into simple but elegant lyrics? Now, that sounds something like Coldplay. But NO, this time Chris has to sigh and cry about his breakup for 49 minutes,so lets huddle up for some ‘cold play’. This is a record which managed to make an always upbeat band fall(fall so hard) into the dumb popular bands section and that’s coming from a devoted fan. Its like telling a kid on his birthday that Santa’s not real  plus he’s adopted. And the bad parent award clearly goes to Chris Martin. Why dad. Just why. Continue reading

Ridiculous Bollywood songs that we just can’t ignore


Everybody loves Bollywood music. EVERYBODY. Bollywood music can make anyone dance even if you can’t dance. Irrespective of how posh and sophisticated you might be peppy bollywood music will make you want to loose all and dance away. From Daler Mehendi’s “Bolo Tarara” to Akon’s “Chammak Challo”, you just can’t help but sing and dance along. But let’s face it the most popular sort of Bollywood music doesn’t actually make some sense, But this is Bollywood my dear baigans anything can happen!

Here’s a list of some immensely popular songs we just can’t ignore, “Kyunki dil hai Hindustani”!!

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ONE MAN BANDS: Solo Percussive Acoustic Guitarists

The thought of only ONE person playing everything that our ears can hear strikes a chord with everyone, a strong power chord. NO, I am not talking about a DJ. I speak of a Solo Percussive Acoustic Guitarist. Sure is a mouthful, isn’t it? Let me break that down for you in a more simpler fashion. SuchGuitar+MuchPercussions+VeryVocals=ONE MAN BAND. An unconventional genre which probably started when guitarists started tapping and making unusual beats on the guitar by experimenting around with the sounds the beautiful instrument is capable of. An accident which came as a blessing. This genre of music requires talent coupled with multitasking at the maximum level. I mean here I am, watching tv and having my lunch, spilling everything on myself. My shirt eats more than I do. Then there are these multitasking geniuses:

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A long road trip from Delhi to Jaipur. My data pack stopped working so whatsapp, no youtube, just great! I was bored of listening to the same old Greenday and Lady Antebellum songs in my phone, so I took my dad’s instead. As I went through his playlist I came across an album called “The Beatles”. Curiosity took over me and before I could realize, I was listening to a funny happy go lucky song, Obladi Oblada. Uhuh….nice, Desmond and Molly, fall in, get married, have kids…that was a pretty cute song. I need to hear more of this!

So then on, started another journey amidst the one I was actually on. I discovered four boys called John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison who were forever going to occupy a major part of my musical love.

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