Game Of Emotions

All you GoT fans might have taken tons of quizzes to find out which character you would be in the world of westeros. I’m here to tell you that you are none of them except one. Yep. Theon. You are a hot blooded, impulsive and confused (ex)man whose childish acts to gain respect from his family have lead you to being constantly tormented by the devil himself George R.R….Ramsay! I meant Ramsay. Continue reading


Bringing out the big guns

Baigans! Say hello to Skrat.

For those who don’t know them, Skrat is a three-piece alternative rock band from Chennai. It has Sriram T.T (vocals, guitars, hottie), Satish Narayanan aka Sat (bass, vocals, stud) and Tapass Naresh (drums, vocals, crazy curly hair).  Continue reading

Convenient Cosplay Costumes!

Hey the day we’ve all been waiting for with bated breadth and dried paint is here.

Comic Con Hyderabad 2014!

Now all you kids in the block dressing up as onions, pumpkins and kids and tiny things, Hey this aint no fancy dress competition in your primary school. So make a train and go back chuk-chuku-chuku to your room. Dress up as BaiganBhai and you get your return ticket. Having troubles with choosing a Cosplay? Well don’t decide to come as Thomas the train just yet. Let me help you out
(All you little shits showing up half naked with laddoos in their hands will be beaten to the ground to prove the cartoon wrong)

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To think, to question and to wonder!

Travelling home from Attapur at 11:30 in the night sure shows you how excited the city is for Bakrid. Goats, goats everywhere; tents pitched up to shelter these goats; families, all crushed into a small car, coming to buy these goats; thin goats, fat goats, lean goats and limp goats all being pampered and well- fed only to be butchered on the sacred day. No no, this isn’t a stop-butchering-animals article. This is just food for thought.
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Oh Georgie!

Most people have heard the tale about how the royal colour came to be purple because of the defecation problems of George the III.

Now here’s a classic movie, which journeys further into that tale while entertaining you to the highest point. ‘The Madness of King George’ is definitely the kind of movie which will tickle you on a lazy afternoon (and also might lead you to make a run for the tissues, mind it).
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